WP Rocket v3.8.1 Plugin Free Download

Free Download WP Rocket v3.8.1 Premium Plugin:- WP rocket is one of the most popular paid caching plugins for WordPress. But WP Rocket is not just a simple cache plugin. It has many features that do more than a regular free cache plugin. There are many other free popular cache plugins available like W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache. Anyone can configure this plugin in less than 5 minutes, without any confusion. Overall, WP Rocket is the best caching plugin for WordPress that helps to boost the performance of your site. WP Rocket v3.8.1 Premium Plugin Free Download. WordPress Plugin WP Rocket v3.8.1 Premium Version Free Download under GPL license from below download link.

WP Rocket v3.8.1 Plugin Free Download
WP Rocket v3.8.1 Plugin Free Download

Download the Latest Version of Wp Rocket v3.8.1 Premium Plugin. This plugin offers lots of customization settings such as media optimization, pre-loading, lazy-loading, database optimization, and much more. It also works perfectly with all popular plugins – Yoast SEO, Cloud flare, Sucuri, and many others. WP Rocket v3.8.1 is a premium cache plugin for WordPress. WordPress Experts recognize it as the most powerful caching tool. WP Rocket is made for newbie bloggers or webmasters who don’t have any technical knowledge about caching. Even if you don’t do any setting change, it will automatically apply all recommended and safe settings just after activating the WP Rocket plugin. If your theme has lots of CSS and Java-scripts or HTML files then no need worry, WP Rocket also compresses them and reduces the page size without breaking your page.

Wp Rocket Plugin is not just a simple cache plugin. Thanks to its wide range of options and automatic optimization features, it can be easily used by experienced WordPress users as well as beginners. Wp Rocket Caching ensures websites will load blazing fast, which is essential to improve SEO rankings and increase conversion. It also works perfectly with all popular plugins- Cloud Flare, Yoast SEO, Secure, and many others. Wp Rocket is not just a simple cache plugin. Thanks to its wide range of options and automatic optimization features, it can be easily used by experienced WordPress users as well as beginners. Wp Rocket Caching ensures websites will load blazing fast, which is essential to improve SEO rankings and increase conversion. It also works perfectly with all popular plugins- Cloud Flare, Yoast SEO, Sucuri, and many others.

The Best Settings to Optimize Your Site with WP Rocket v3.8.1 plugin?

So you’ve activated WP Rocket and now you’re wondering, “How do I get the best results for my site?” Every site has a different theme, a different set of plugins, and different content. So the best settings will vary from site to site. We’re going to show you the safest way to experiment with the most commonly used WP Rocket settings. You’ll be a pro in no time 🙂 Let’s get started! The goal is always to make your site faster and activating more options doesn’t always result in more speed. So don’t worry if you’re not able to turn everything on. And how will you know if your site is faster? By speed testing, of course! And we have a dedicated article about how to do that. It’s a good idea to take some benchmark speed tests before you begin configuration, then again afterward. Now let’s talk about best practices. What you don’t want to do is activate all the options at once! If you run into any issues on your site, you won’t know which option caused it. So we’re going to activate them, one at a time.

WP Rocket v3.8.1 Plugin Free Download
WP Rocket v3.8.1 Plugin Free Download

Let’s start on the Media tab. We recommend activating Lazy Load because it helps reduce the negative performance impact of images by loading them only as of the visitor scrolls down the page and actually needs to see them. You can read more about this on our blog. After you activate an option, there’s no need to clear the cache. We’ll take care of that for you. Now open your site in a browser window where you’re not logged into WordPress. A private, or “incognito” window works perfectly for this. This is important to make sure you see the cached version of your site with the optimizations applied. This way, if there’s an issue you’ll see it right away. Check a few types of pages on your site. If anything doesn’t look right, don’t panic! All you have to do is uncheck the last option you activated and your site will return to normal.

WP Rocket v3.8.1 Plugin Free Download
WP Rocket v3.8.1 Plugin Free Download

Additional troubleshooting guides and articles can be found in our documentation. If everything looks good move on to the next option. Let’s go to the File Optimization tab. The options in the Basic Settings are usually quite safe to activate. They won’t have a dramatic impact on load time but are still considered best practices. Minifying your CSS and JavaScript files to remove whitespace and comments is a best practice to help reduce their file size. You can combine all the CSS files used throughout your site into a single file. So if you had 10 CSX files before you’ll now have 1. And you can combine all your JavaScript files, including the inline scripts, then load the combined file at the bottom of your page, so it doesn’t block the rendering of the page. Now, combining files may improve your score, but it may not improve the actual speed. That’s especially true if your site uses HTTP/2. So, it’s really important to check the speed with and without the combined options to find the right configuration.

WP Rocket v3.8.1 Plugin Free Download
WP Rocket v3.8.1 Plugin Free Download

If you’re not sure whether your site uses HTTP/2. You can use an online tool to check or ask your host. It’s also possible that your CDN supports HTTP/2, even if your own server does not. “Optimize CSS delivery” is an advanced option and it may not be appropriate for every site. It really depends on how your site is built. When you activate this option, our external tool will visit each type of page on your site and generate the critical path CSS. This helps the perceived load time of your site. Deferring JavaScript ensures that it won’t block your page as it’s being rendered. And “Safe Mode” means that the main jQuery file won’t be deferred. Many plugins rely on jQuery, otherwise, some functions on your site may not work. If you uncheck this option, check your site carefully. Make sure all the interactive elements of your site – like your slider or menu – are working properly after you activate these JavaScript related options. If you have any problems after activating any option, you might be able to resolve them by simply excluding certain files. So, we’ve created additional documentation to help you with that. Congratulations! Now you’ve configured the best settings to optimize your site like a pro!

How To Speed-Up WordPress Website in Few Clicks With WP WP Rocket v3.8.1 Premium Plugin?

As you know website loading speed is very important for user experience and search engine optimization. If you have a WordPress website then this article will be very helpful for you, because I am going to show you how to improve your website loading speed in just a few clicks. Right now you can see one website here and let me scroll down on this webpage so that you can see I have so much text and image content on this website. So first we will check the speed of this website and then we will improve the speed of this website. To check the website loading speed, We’ll go to the website called GTmetrix you can see this URL GTmetrix.con, and in this search box just add your website URL.

WP Rocket v3.8.1 Plugin Free Download
WP Rocket v3.8.1 Plugin Free Download

It will take a few seconds to analyze your website So now website performance report is ready, You can see the page speed score it is very less. It is only 48 percent and the Yslow score is 67 percent and let’s see the load time it is 1.8 second which is an averages speed and the total page sizes 2.36 MB is also an average page size. So we will improve all these scores, We will improve the load time and we will improve the page speed score. To do that we need a plugin called WP Rocket. For that just come to this website WP-rocket. You can find this link in the description of this video. So come to this website here you can see it is saying Make WordPress load fast in just a few clicks exactly it will make your WordPress website very fast in just a few clicks. let’s scroll down and you can see some other features of this plug-in here it says minimal configuration and immediate result.

let’s see its feature it will do the page caching next is cache pre-loading and the next feature is a static file completion. it will compress all your HTML CSS and J’s file if you have any extra space it will compress that to reduce the page size. Next is an image on request it means it will load the image whenever user Phil is called the web page and of course it is developer-friendly. let me go to this features page. So that you can see there are lots of features of this plugin and here you can compare this plugin with other popular plugins. It has so many features that you won’t get in any other plugins. So let’s click on this button to get this plug-in and here you can see it is available for different price option it is $49 for single website.

WP Rocket v3.8.1 Plugin Free Download
WP Rocket v3.8.1 Plugin Free Download

WP rocketv3.8.1 plugin I’ll select this one and click on install after installation. Just click on the activate plugin you now you can see this message WP rocket is good to go test your load time or visit your settings. You can go and test your website loading speed and you can go to these settings also or you can go through this menu also settings and select WP rocket. Now you can see this message WP rocket is activated and already working for you here you can go to the different options and you can change the settings as you need to let me come to the file optimization. And I’ll click on this minify HTML just check this one next I will come to the media and here I’ll enable this option. let’s come to the database and here we can clean up our database.

also so just check these options you and click on optimize you you can go and check all these tabs I will leave all these fields as default. After that, I will open this website again GT matrix calm and again. I will put my website URL and let’s analyze this website after adding the WP rocket plug-in just wait for a few seconds now you can see our website performance report. It is very good You can see the page speed score is ‘A’ with 91% that is very awesome.

WP Rocket v3.8.1 Plugin Free Download
WP Rocket v3.8.1 Plugin Free Download

You can see improvement in YSlow score also that is 77% and let’s see the load time it is 1.2 second which is very awesome and total page sizes just 600 KB. You can see earlier it was more than 3 MB now it is only 600 KB this report is very awesome compared to the previous one that was only 47% pages speed score and this one is 91% and page load speed is also very good 1.2 second so this was very easy to improve your website loading speed that will help your website ranking on a search engine. So I will suggest you to go and try this WP rocket plugin on your website, you will also get a very good performance report You can improve your website speed in just a few minutes. So it was very easy to speed-up your website using the WP Rocket plugin.

Features of WP Rocket v3.8.1 Premium – Caching Plugin for WordPress:

  • Automatically enables recommended settings on installation.
  • Helps you to get a 90+ Google page speed insights score.
  • Reduce the size of the database by optimization.
  • Allows you to Prefetch DNS requests.
  • No technical knowledge required to use.
  • Optimization of Google fonts.
  • Improve the overall performance of the site.
  • Easy to understand settings.
  • Allows you to remove query strings.
  • Easy to configure and setup.
  • Compatible with CDN.
  • Files optimization supports.
  • Custom cache lifespan.
  • Works with all types of sites.
  • Preloading of pages.
  • Lazy images, iFrames, and videos.
  • Preload URL’s from sitemaps.
  • Files compression support.
  • Different cache for mobile sites.
  • Browser caching support.
  • Forced cache refresh option.
  • GZip compression.
  • Preload cache support.
  • Integration with Cloudflare.

Sales Page of WP Rocket v3.8.1 – WordPress Caching Plugin:


What’s New in WP Rocket v3.8.1 [Changelog]

  • Bugfix: Set a correct date for non-grandfathered customer account creation date to prevent showing incorrect renewal offers.
  • Removed the defer JavaScript safe mode sub-option, replacing it with a better approach to handle jQuery compatibility.
  • New feature: Add a new option to automatically add missing dimensions to images found on the page.
  • The plugin minimum requirements have been changed to PHP 7.0 and WordPress 5.2.
  • Enhancement: Add a new UI field to exclude images/iframes from lazyload.
  • Bugfix: Remedy compatibility with Avada Builder’s Google Maps display.
  • Bugfix: Update the pattern used for jQuery exclusion from deferring.
  • Enhancement: Add a new UI field to exclude files from deferring JS.
  • Bugfix: JavaScript Defer no longer breaks Smart Slider 3.
  • Other: Remove the “Remove jQuery Migrate” option.
  • Some other minor bug fixes and enhancement.

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Note: Delete any other caching plugin before installing WP Rocket.

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