Update – Every Apple Arcade Game of 2021 Played and Rated

The best thing about Apple Arcade is that there are just so many games to sink your teeth into. The worst thing about Apple Arcade is that there isn’t enough time in the day to take a bite out of all of the games on offer. Which is why we’ve created this list breaking down what you can expect from every new game to hit Apple’s subscription gaming service this year.

This list covers all of the new Apple Arcade games that have landed in 2020, and tells you enough about them that you’re going to know whether diving in is going to be for you. Don’t know what Apple Arcade is? Well you can click here to read our full guide on what it is, how to get it and why it’s so great.

We’re going to be updating it regularly, as and when new games come out, so make sure you keep checking back to stay on top of everything Apple Arcade related. But for now, here come the games.

Updated on March 8th


A gorgeous-looking arcade experience with a control system that’s going to get you literally hooked. You flow through levels, collecting gems, swinging from hook points to get to your goal. Often getting to the end of a level is simple, but doing with all the gems in tow? Well that’s a different question.

Sping is packed full of little moments of fist-clenching joy, and the rhythm of the game is balanced so perfectly that one-quick-go can soon become an evening wasted. This one comes highly recommended.

Survival Z

You can probably figure most of what you need to know about this one from its name. It’s a zombie slaughtering game where you need to stay alive. It plays out a bit like an action tower defense game and there are some roguelite elements thrown in too.

All of those elements come together to make a pretty darn exciting experience. There’s enough action to keep you engaged, and enough fun that you’re going to jump back in when the zombies inevitably eat your brains.


A game all about manipulating beams of light. You’re controlling mirrors, lenses and more and trying to guide glowing yellow strips of luminosity in the right direction. It’s fair to say that you’ve probably played something like this before.

The game throws in new ideas at a pretty rapid rate though, and the puzzles are poised and smart enough to make you ponder your next move carefully. It might not be super original, but there’s a lot of fun to be had in Lumen.

Populus Run

This one’s an auto-runner that takes a lot of its cues from some of the super popular quick-fire casual games that have become really popular on the App Store. It builds on those foundations with some really neat ideas.

You’re not just running on your own, you’re collecting other people as you peg it down the sweet-treat infested levels. There are secrets to unlock, some interesting controls to overcome and a whole lot more. It won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but we reckon it’s worth a play.

NUTS – A Surveillance Mytery

An interesting looking first person surveillance adventure that sees you spying on squirrels in a bizarre forest. You set up camera traps during the day, then catch up with the footage at night.

There’s a lot more going on here than watching normal squirrels though. NUTS has some nice ideas, but the controls are a bit fiddly on touchscreen and that can lead to some early frustration. Get past them and you’ll find an intriguing game that’s unlike anything else.

Spire Blast

A match-stuff puzzler with a couple of twists. For one thing you’re matching in 3D, trying to take out chunks of castle wall and bring the whole thing tumbling down. You’ve got special powers that’ll help you out as well.

Sometimes you need to feed a dragon. Other times you need to avoid shields. Spire Blast is a pretty soft puzzler, but it’s a decent way to distract yourself for an hour or so at a time.

Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon

A beautiful, retro-tastic co-op dungeon crawler that draws inspiration from some of the best RPGs of the 16bit era. It layers on some sharp modern sensibilities to create an addictive and engaging experience whether you’re playing on your own or with friends.

Even if you haven’t played the other Oceanhorn games, this one’s well worth checking out. It’s a whole bundle of fun, challenging when it needs to be, and jam-packed with hours and hours of gameplay. 2021 is off to a brilliant start on Apple Arcade, even if it’s going to hell everywhere else.

Games from 2020

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

This is a gorgeous, gentle adventure with a strong environmental message. You play a young girl who, with her friends, takes it upon herself to clean up a Mediterranean island. You’ll save dolphins, find lost species and pick up a lot of trash.

There’s a giddy sense of hope and wonder to the experience that’s going to leave your heart feeling a little bit lighter. Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is a bright, brilliant and essential Apple Arcade game.

Zombie Rollerz: Pinball Heroes

A game that mixes tower defense and pinball, throwing some zombies in for good measure. There are RPG and roguelite ideas here too. Basically, there’s quite a lot going on. And it mostly works.

Sometimes it’s a bit hard to tell what’s going on, but for the most part you’re just going to be enjoying smashing zombies with fiery balls of death. It might not stick around on your phone for long, but you’ll have fun with it while it’s there.

Warp Drive

A gorgeous, cel-shaded style futuristic racer with a few twists up its sleeve. The controls are sharp and brilliant, and the racing action is some of the most intense we’ve come across on mobile for a good long while.

As well as the usual boosting, there’s a teleportation feature here that makes things super interesting. You can jump to different parts of the track, taking shortcuts to get ahead of the other competitors. Warp Drive offers slick, sweaty-palmed future racing that’s going to keep you entertained for hours.

The Pathless

An action adventure game with a gorgeous world to explore and an archery twist to help you do it. You’re tasked with bringing light back to a world that’s been forsaken, setting off beacons and discovering secrets along the way.

The game is gorgeous, and the simple control make everything easy on touchscreen. You can use a gamepad if you’d prefer. The Pathless is a deep and engaging experience, and it builds a world you’re going to want to spend as much time darting around in as you possibly can.

Reigns: Beyond

The Reigns series goes intergalactic in its latest entry. This one sees you flying through space as a member of a galaxy-spanning rock band. Make choices, play guitar, figure out why that spaceship is talking to you.

There’s plenty of intriguing twists to the Reigns formula here, including musical sections, a vast cast of interesting characters and much, much more. If you loved the first three games, you’re going to love this one. And even if you didn’t it’s well worth picking up.

All of You

A game all about a chicken trying to rescue their babies. There are shades of the brilliant Gorogoa and Framed here. Levels are split into circles, and you need to figure out a path through them that doesn’t end in your gristly demise.

Things start off pretty simple, but the deeper you get into the game, the more challenging it becomes. This is a charming, entertaining puzzler that’s going to make you laugh and curse in equal measure.

South of the Circle

This one’s a narrative adventure from the developer behind Kami 2 and Lumino City. Set in the Antarctic in the 60s, it tells the story of a British academic trying to find help after the plane he was in crashed. A flashback story of love intersperses your desperate search.

The game looks absolutely stunning and it features a smart interface that lets you express your emotions and make tough choices. Everything about South of the Cirlce is a little bit brilliant, and it’s an amazing way to spend a few hours.

The Collage Atlas

A beautiful and beguiling adventure game that sees you exploring beautiful, hand-drawn, monochromatic environments. You’re looking for letters, clues and answers to some of life’s biggest questions.

The world reacts and changes to your presence, with even the music altering as you explore. The Collage Atlas is a unique and often breathtaking experience that will make you look at things a little bit differently when you’ve finished it.

The Survivalists

Team 17’s game of island living is the perfect fit for Apple Arcade. The game sees you shipwrecked with nothing but your wits and the items that your new home can provide. It’s up to you to craft, build and thrive in this unfamiliar new setting.

You can train monkeys to help you, and there’s multiplayer if you want to take some friends with you. Throw in quests, hunting, treasure maps, raiders and much more and you’ve got a massive, engaging and brilliantly entertaining experience in the palm of your hand.

Slash Quest

A dungeon crawler with a slashy twist. You’re waving a talking sword around, but it’s also guiding you. You can only move in the direction the sword is pointing. Or you can stand still and spin around and destroy everything around you.

As you can probably tell from the trailer above, pretty much everything about the game is adorable. But it’s also an awful lot of fun, and really what more do you want from a dungeon crawler than that? This one is definitely worth trying out.

Marble Knights

WayForward brings a mix of Zelda and Super Monkey Ball with a multiplayer twist to Apple Arcade. As you can probably work out from that description, it’s really a lot of fun. Roll around dungeons, smash monsters, collect loot. And bring a friend along for the ride.

There’s just enough challenge here to keep you interested and more than enough adventuring to keep you entertained. Throw in an intriguing story and you’ve got another brilliant game to add to your Apple Arcade library. Pick it up as soon as you can.

A Monster’s Expedition

A gorgeous and charming puzzler from the developers of some of the most gorgeous and charming puzzlers in the world. You’re a monster, you’re exploring a museum that’s made up of different islands. Go and have fun.

You discover the world at your own pace, uncovering secrets and new mechanics as you do. This is a game that’s so chock full of heart it’s really difficult to put it down. So do yourself a favor and pick it up right this second.

World’s End Club

An intriguing mixture of a point-and-click adventure and a visual novel. World’s End Club sees you taking control of a school kid who ends up forced to play a twisted game with the rest of their classmates. It’s gloomy, but presented in a super bright cartoony way.

The game takes a while to get going, and it’s definitely not to be to everyone’s taste. that said, if it sinks its teeth into you you’re going to want to see it through to the bitter end.

The Last Campfire

Hello Games brings a hope-filled adventure about loss and death to Apple Arcade and it’s pretty ruddy brilliant. You’re controlling a little creature that’s stuck in something like limbo. There are puzzles to solve, lost souls to discover and much, much more.

The game is absolutely gorgeous and the simple controls work like a dream on mobile. There’s just enough challenge to the puzzles to keep you interested, and the beautiful story will push you to find out what happens next.

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time

A third-person action adventure that sees you playing as the titular sword-wielder. There’s a story here that’s going to appeal to fans of the cartoon, but there’s a decent game underneath the fan-service that’s going to put a smile on most people’s faces.

The controls aren’t perfect but they’re good enough that they’re not too frustrating. The violence is fast and fluid though, and the game eases you into its various skills and mechanics. Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is a solid adventure that’s going to keep you entertained.

Next Stop Nowhere

This one is a gorgeous-looking space adventure game. You’re a courier who ends up embroiled in a story about bounty hunters, gangsters and much, much more. The choices you make as you play will shape the outcome of the experience.

The controls are a little bit clunky, but there are some really interesting ideas here. It’s like an homage to the glory days of the adventure genre mixed up with some more modern concepts and sensibilities. It’s worth sticking with just to see what happens next.

Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows

An idle game set at Castle Black that tells some of the great stories of the Night’s Watch. The gameplay is super simple – you’re offered choices every now and then, and your decisions change the fortunes of the castle and the sworn brothers within.

It’s an interesting take on the genre, but it doesn’t take long for the enjoyment to wear off. It might be beautiful, but we can’t see that many people sticking with it for the long-haul.

The Lullaby of Life

A gorgeous puzzle experience that’s painted in some of the brightest colors we’ve seen in a long time. The key to the game is music – you’re a weird blob with the power to create special tones, and those tones can unlock all sorts of magical possibilities.

You’ll collect friends, each with their own unique notes, and you’ll need to use them to solve puzzles and explore deeper into the game. It’s relaxing, easy to pick up, and the perfect way to waste a few hours on a rainy day. We might sound like a broken record – especially compared to The Lullaby of Life – but this is another massive hit for Apple Arcade.


If they gave out awards for the games with the best names, then Necrobarista would definitely be up for one. This stylish and gorgeous visual novel doesn’t just have a great title though, it’s also a super immersive and engaging adventure.

Expect to meet weird and interesting characters and visit bonkers locations in this tale of caffeinated beverages, ghosts and magic. Even if you’re not a fan of visual novels, this one is well worth picking up. Full of heart, humour and suspense, this is a brilliantly written escapade that you should download right away.


The second Amanita Design game on Apple Arcade is a puzzling adventure set in a subterranean mansion. The game is utterly beautiful, with the hand-painted artwork that Amanita is known for. Unlike plenty of its other games though, this one isn’t a point-and-clicker.

There are definite shades of the original Prince of Persia here, albeit with a gloomier style. You’re going to be trying to escape from horrid furniture monsters, clambering down ladders and solving tricky puzzles as you do. Amanita Design games are always well worth checking out, and this one is no exception.

Beyond A Steel Sky

The long-awaited sequel to a 90s classic has finally arrived on Apple Arcade. It’s a massive cyberpunk adventure that sees you returning to Union City in search of a lost child. Expect cheeky robots, a massive conspiracy and some head-scratching puzzles.

The slow pace of the game isn’t going to be to everyone’s liking, but there’s a massive story to explore here. If you’re a fan of the original you’re going to fall in love all over again with the ongoing adventures of Robert Foster.

Little Orpheus

Little Orpheus is exactly the sort of game that Apple Arcade was made for. It’s a deep, engaging, hilarious platforming adventure that ticks all of the right boxes. It’s super polished, with some of the best graphics we’ve seen on mobile in a long time.

You play a Russian in the 60’s who’s exploring a mythical land at the centre of the earth. There are giant insects, dinosaurs and more. The platforming is super slick, and the story is brilliant enough to keep you playing for hours. Do yourself a favour and get this one downloaded as soon as you can.

SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit

Calling Patty Pursuit an auto-runner would be doing the game a pretty spectacular disservice. It has more in common with the Rayman Run series than any run-of-the-mill runner. It’s a slick, gorgeous cartoon platformer that takes the sprinting out of your hands.

There’s still loads to explore, a decent level of challenge and some tough if repetitive bosses to destroy. The level of polish here is spot on, from the perfect controls to the voice-acting, everything screams quality. This is definitely one of the best platformers available on Apple Arcade, and we dare you to play without a big grin on your face.

Towers of Everland

A first person fantasy RPG that sees you travelling into the titular towers to find gold, glory and a whole bunch of monsters to hack and slash. The game mixes casual gameplay with a massive world to explore, and plenty of secrets to uncover as well.

There’s a tactical bent to the combat here, with blocking and forcing your enemies away just as important as swiping with your sword. Towers of Everland mixes retro and modern ideas into a really pleasing and engrossing package.

Winding Worlds

A smart puzzler with a really interesting control system. You’re swiping to move the levels around, changing the plane and perspective to achieve your goals. Winding Worlds looks gorgeous, with a thick-lined cartoon style that really pops off the screen.

A story pushes everything along, and features a mysterious worm, an adorable dog, and a talking windmill robot. Winding Worlds is a charming distraction that’s going to put a big smile on your face. It won’t stick around in your mind for long, but you’re going to love it while you play it.


The latest game for Apple Arcade is a really interesting board game mash-up. There are shades of Stranger Things here – you play survivors half-trapped in a weird world and you need to defend against monster attacks if you want to make it through.

Things start off pretty easily, but as you progress you’ll get into more and more trouble. Your ultimate aim is to clear out the anchors that are keeping the monsters in the real world. Once you’ve done that you need to make a run for the exit.

The_Otherside is smart and entertaining, offering a perfect mix of tactics and action. It’s tense in all the right ways, and manages to capture the thrill of tabletop gaming pretty much perfectly.


A haunting and harrowing platform adventure game starring a small boy. That’s probably made you think of Limbo, but Neversong walks its own path. It’s more open in its storytelling, and deals with a lot of interesting and incredibly difficult themes.

On top of that, it’s also super smart, dripping with difficult puzzles and will have you hooked from the get-go. There are a few niggles here, and we had a couple of crashes when we played. Beyond those problems Neversong is a gorgeous-looking game that will stay with you a long time after you reach the end.

A Fold Apart

This one is a gorgeous, narrative driven puzzler that’s all about folding paper to create paths. It starts simply enough, but as you play it adds more and more ideas into the fray. It fits into a similar genre box as the likes of Framed and Gorogoa.

The game has a gorgeous look all of its own, and the controls are easy enough that almost anyone can play. A Fold Apart has a massive heart that shines through everything it does – this is one Apple Arcade game that’s going to leave you with a big smile on your face.

Beyond Blue

A beautiful adventure game that sees you travelling through the oceans of the world. Set in the near future, you’re part of a team of research scientists who are exploring the depths of the sea. You’ll interact with all manner of creatures, from enormous whales to sprigs of coral.

Some of the translation isn’t great, and the lack of action might put some people off. But if you’re looking for an open world adventure with a difference then you’re definitely going to fall in love with this one.


First off it’s important to note that the title of this game is a pun, which always gets an upvote from us. You play as a robot in a post-apocalyptic waste that’s littered with trash. It’s up to you to pick up the mess that humankind has left behind and deposit it in a garbage truck.

At the same time, other robots are trying to stop you from getting to that sweet, sweet junk. You need to fight them off, grab the garbage and toss it into the waiting truck. There’s a lot to take in, and sometimes the simple controls aren’t quite up to the task. But, Scrappers is still an awful lot of fun. Check it out.

Legend of the Skyfish 2

This is a sequel, as you can probably tell from the name, but don’t worry if you haven’t played the original. The game plays a lot like classic Zelda – you’re an adventurer out to save the world by hacking, slashing and solving puzzles.

The game looks gorgeous and it plays brilliantly. There’s a massive world to explore and it unlocks as you get new skills and items. This is definitely one of the best games available on Apple Arcade, with hours of fun just waiting to be discovered.


Spyder is a really interesting stealth game that sees you taking control of the titular espionage drone. It’s up to you to skitter through a series of levels, saving the world as you do. The first challenge involves stopping a nuclear missile launch, so you know there’s a lot of stake.

One of the most interesting things the game does is make you think about the environment in a different way. Hazards that are dangerous to a tiny insect robot aren’t threatening to humans and vice versa – sure you can clamber around on vertical surfaces, but wander into some spilt coffee and you’ll take damage.

This is a really slick game with plenty of interesting content. Imagine a puzzler, a platformer and a sneak-’em-up getting together and pushing all of their best bits into a blender and the end result would be something like Spyder. Definitely up there among the best new Apple Arcade games of 2020.


What happens when you combine Peggle with an ARPG? Something like Roundguard happens. It’s a game about firing adventurers out of a giant catapult and letting them smash into your enemies. There’s more depth than the ping-ping play of Peggle, with health points, mana and more to take into consideration before you blast out a shot.

There are roguelike elements here as well, and new equipment to unlock as you play. Throw in a massive map, plenty of characters and a whole heap of loot to collect and you’re left with a super-slick Apple Arcade title that’s not quite the sum of its parts but it’s still an awful lot of fun.

Doomsday Vault

A puzzling platformer that sees you controlling an adorable little robot. You’re tromping round a post-apocalyptic wasteland, but rather than killing everything that moves, Doomsday Vault is all about saving things. Specifically it’s about saving plants – each level you’re searching for a seed to add to the titular vault, pocketing the last of the earth’s greenery to try and preserve it.

There’s a strong environmental message here, but it doesn’t get in the way of the smart touchscreen gameplay and the lovely visuals. Doomsday Vault is a glimpse into a human-less future, but it manages to be adorable and challenging as well.

No Way Home

A space survival game set in a procedurally generated universe. You’re piloting a beaten up escape pod, the last survivor of a tragic ice cream machine accident, and you need to get back to Earth. Unfortunately you’ve got no idea where you are and your only companion is a slightly bonkers AI.

No Way Home is more like an action RPG than a standard roguelike, with twin stick blasting the order of the day. You also have a cool grappling hook that you can use to throw things, and enemies, around the screen. This is a meaty, lovely looking intergalactic adventure with its tongue in its cheek and its heart in the right place.

Butter Royale

This one takes the shape of the battle royale genre, then smears it with butter and makes it top down. Not in a weird way though. You’re pelting around an ever-shrinking arena, picking up guns, ammo and shields, and trying to be the last adorable cartoon critter standing.

Don’t let the cutesy graphics fool you – this one can get pretty tense, especially when the ring has closed to its tightest and there are more than two of you left. It doesn’t have the meaty casing of the likes of Fortnite, and it’s unlikely to stick in the memory for long, but it’s certainly fun while it lasts.

Secret Oops!

What happens when you take a stealth game, wrap it up in a boardgame coat and then throw in some AR and multiplayer for a laugh? Well, you end up with something like Secret Oops! It’s probably one of the most unique experiences on Apple Arcade right now, but if you’re going to be playing it on your own you might be a little disappointed.

The game’s so much more entertaining when you’re playing it with friends in the same room, when laughter and barracking get in the way of some of the more frustrating aspects that are a little too obvious when you’re playing by yourself. Get some chums round though, and you’re going to have an awesome time.

Charrua Soccer

A charming throwback to the golden era of the football game – when all tackles involved sliding, every player had a massive head, and sometimes your keeper decided to leg it out of the goal for no discernible reason. Charrua Soccer is fast, frantic, and dripping with arcade cool.

Sure it might not have the meat on its bones of the likes of FIFA, but it’s not trying to. This is the sort of game you pick up for 20 minutes, bash in a few goals, and then wander off to do something else. If you get all misty eyed at the mention of Sensible Soccer or FIFA 96, then this is one game you should be picking up right now.

Loud House: Outta Control

This one’s based on the Nickelodeon cartoon series The Loud House, and it’s all about trying to keep on top of the chaos. Characters wander onto the screen and you need to guide them to their goal by drawing a route. But if they bump into one another you’re going to have to start the level all over again.

There are bonus objectives, clouds that start fights and much, much more here, all presented in a lovely hand-drawn aesthetic that fans of the show are really going to dig. It might not be for everyone, but the fast-paced puzzling on offer in Loud House: Outta Control is definitely worth checking out.

Crossy Road Castle

From the makers of Crossy Road, this one is a competitive platformer that has some amazing ideas up its pixel art sleeve. We don’t think we were wrong when we described it as Apple Arcade’s killer app in our review. Click here and you can read every word of said Crossy Road Castle review.

The controls are brilliant, the art style is perfect and the game showers new ideas and concepts on you at a regular basis. Where other retro-looking platformers like to ape what’s come before, Crossy Road Castle strides out on its own, and it’s ruddy brilliant because of that. It’s great on your own, it’s amazing with friends and it comes highly recommended.

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