Universal – Super Starship (by Les Bird) | TouchArcade

New updates to Super Starship.

Massive persistent universe with 900,000 stars, each one its own solar system. Zoom through the universe and claim and explore star systems. Almost 6,000,000 planets in the universe!

– Beautiful planets (over 50 types)
– Some with breathable atmospheres, some with poisonous atmospheres, some with no atmosphere
– Some with a ring system
– Star bases for refueling and for uploading your scanned planets and receiving credits as payment.
– Credits can be used to buy fuel for your ship.
– Cloaking device if you want to explore in private (no other players can see you).
– Send greetings to nearby players and send fuel to each other.
– Call for help if you run out of fuel – players can come rescue you by giving you fuel and getting bonus credits in return.
– Teleport to nearest star base if you run out of fuel (cost credits).

Running at 60 fps on iPhone 7 Plus and newer devices.

Game Center leaderboards.
Game controllers supported.

PUN2+ multiplayer!

Release date soon!




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