Universal – Space Frog Intern (by James Bolton) | TouchArcade

Now that’s what I call “getting used to the controls” lol. However, eventually it clicked and now it’s really fun to shoot and stomp.

The thing is, I do love these kind of games, with Bug Butcher being an all time favorite and probably the best of it’s kind. And that comparison already puts the finger on what I … dunno …

I really don’t want to sound too harsh here, the gameplay is fun, the upgrade mechanics offer different action in different runs (gimme that speed upgrade goddamn! :), but maybe … it’s a bit too simplistic?

I can’t help thinking this game feels like a gameplay demo for a game that is still in developing process, with the gimmicks, graphics and gameplay wise, that make a game unique and fun to play for more than just some go’s yet to implement. Especially high score games really need something to call me back to action.

But these are just my two cents for the dev. To everyone else: I definitely recommend to give this game a try. It made it immediately to my game page one, and that means something. If you get tired of hopping stupidly around and ALWAYS in the wrong direction, just stick with it for two more minutes. You will be surprised how fast you’ll manage it. And don’t forget to stomp … ;)



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