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Hi all!
Back in 2012 I made this game for Windows Store and Windows Phone. It was well received (featured, in store spotlight, articles, in top strategy games, few millions downloads etc..) and a lot of people asked me for Android and iOS versions. Game was created in XAML so I would need to rewrite it completely to do it. I started working on it back then but I got married, got other projects, more work at my real full time work and I never finished it.

Last Christmas I finally took 3 weeks of vacation to work on it and I got it. Few weeks later it’s in the store! :)

Game was created by just one person in the evenings. Game is free on Android and iOS but with Ads. I hope Ads are not too ugly and don’t show too often. There is an option to support me and buy “no Ads” option.

Game has 48 levels, first 32 include Romans campaign and remaining ones are from Persians. Roman Empire is considered to be difficult and challenging but very easy to pick up.

Release date: 3/17/2021
Supported languages: 16
Some links:

Please try it, I hope you will like and I won’t disappoint you. Let me know what you think. ;)

App info is currently processing and/or the app is not yet fully available for sale on the US App Store.



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