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Hi Ghostdog1! Thanks a lot for your feedback and kind words.
I think I also replied to your review in the AppStore today, not sure if you saw it already. Let me copy it’s contents:)

Dear superghostdog, Thanks a lot for your feedback! You took the time to write this, which I really appreciate as feedback is what I need to improve Herodom. As you are stuck in level 4, have you been able to use the catapult properly?

Some tips I can give you already: Spearman are strong against swordsmen. Wizards are strong against infantery, so take them out with your catapult and archers.
Also, make good use of the “hold”/ “release” button. For example, line up your archers and wizards in the frontlines. A couple of lines behind them put your infantery. When the enemy infantery approaches, hold your infantery until the enemy is in reach of your archers and wizards, and then release them.

It is true indeed I did a lot of play testing initially myself, but there have been many players involved in testing the app later. But you are not the only one with this feedback still so I definitely need to work on this! I will add more tips and hints in-game, and show them when a level is lost or retried. I hope this will help players progress.

Herodom is meant to be challenging, but not frustrating. Sorry for that experience! If you have any other suggestions on how to make it easier/ more understandable on how to play Herodom, please let me know.

Thanks again for your feedback, really appreciate it!
I think the suggestion to show a grid is very valuable. I can draw a grid when you are moving the characters, and then highlight the one you are selecting. When you are placing new characters, I can also draw a grid.

There is a way to sell units you placed wrongly btw, you can use the reversed/ curved arrow button for it. This will cancel the last unit you placed during the active wave preparation (it remembers all placements, so you can cancel all the placements you want). However, you can not sell units you have placed in the round before.

I am really curious to know if you are able to pass level 4 with the tips I gave, if you want to give it a shot. Otherwise, I am still very gratefull for the feedback you provided!!



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