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Hi! We’re a small team at Devsisters (the company who recently published Cookie Run Kingdom) working on a creative city building game. One of our coolest features is the editing mode, where you can design your own buildings in a block-building system.


Here’s the full description:

Can you make Earth a more beautiful place? Explore your creative side and get ready to create and share a world of your imagination. Help rebuild Earth and restore polluted areas. Watch your city expand with new buildings and a growing population of Pipo! Share your custom creations with players across the Brixity universe and trade building blueprints to keep the creativity flowing! Explore without limits and bask in the calm and peaceful world of Brixity.

  • Bring your imagination to life and build your dream city with a high degree of freedom!
  • Take in the calming atmosphere and create without worrying about attacks or interruptions!
  • Turn trash into resources to restore polluted areas and bring back the former beauty of Earth!
  • Venture through the Brixity universe to visit other players and take their unique creations back to your city!
  • Assign your Pipo to complete tasks in your city, or send them off to help your neighbors!

We’ve got more info and images on our teaser page: https://playbrixity.com

I’ll keep this thread updated with the most interesting developments, but if the game seems interesting to you, you can also sign up to our newsletter on the page for secret behind-the-scenes info and more about the story and world building of the game.

Here are some more preview images:




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