Universal – (BETA) Blast Waves- SciFi Survival Shooter by Kyle Barrett | TouchArcade

Blast Waves is a tactical shooter with rogue-like elements where you play as a grunt just trying to survive a galaxy-spanning conflict.

  • Features
    • Rapidly build and upgrade a squad as you progress through multiple battles, against increasingly overwhelming odds.
    • Upgrade a trooper and his/her primary weapon as you gain commendations and skills for each battle survived. Every high score is a war hero with his/her own storied past.
    • Unlock new armor sets, power ups, and character origins, each with their own unique starting weapons and attributes.
    • Lay out your troops before each engagement, maximizing the use of cover and destructible terrain
    • [​IMG]
  • Gameplay/Controls
    • Time only moves as you move or take actions.
    • Drag your character to create a path for them to move on.
    • Tap and hold to crouch and pass time manually. Crouching near cover grants directional defense bonuses..
    • Drag anywhere else and release to am and fire your weapon
      • Alternative controls- tap target area to fire
    • bshoot2.gif
  • Not 100% sure on the release date. Could be 1-2 months depending on feedback. Lockdown’s made getting testers a little tougher than usual, so i’m opening this up to a beta a lot earlier than my other projects (it’s pretty crispy)- a few things are still WIP:
    • Secondary mission types
    • High score/medal mode
    • Advanced weapon unlocks
    • Advanced starting class unlocks
  • Would appreciate qualitative feedback as well as bug reports. Thanks!

Testing link: https://testflight.apple.com/join/oHd984Bj



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