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So I played the game for a while, here is my progress.


Here are some thoughts/suggestions below.
(I try my best to list my thoughts in English.)

TL,DR: This game is the best heist game so far, it has some nice advantages, but there are some flaws to improve as well. I support the game for $10, hope the developer keep updating the game.

1. Everytime your ranks up, you will unlock more weapons/equipments, there are more cards in the boxes too, making you felt you actually “Gain” something through every gameplay.

2. A lot of weapons/equipments you can unlock, upgrade and decorate them with cool skins.

There are many enhancement parts can be unlock when you upgrade weapons, higher levels means more powerful enhancement parts you can get, mix them together to build your own play-style weapons.

3. Gameplay is really exciting, control is smooth as well, you can fire weapons through virtual button or 3D touch.

4. Daily rewards and challenges, which is always a good reason to play the game every day.

5. No energy bar, so you can keep earning cash.

6. Even your weapon is not “rare”, it doesn’t mean the gun is bad, you can keep upgrade it, even in the late game some weapons are still good.

Con (and some suggestions):
1. After rank 9, levels in the game becomes really HARSH, even 2 stars levels can beat your ass really HARD, there are some reasons below.

BTW why there are only 3~4 levels in the whole world map to choose?


2. Teammates(AI) need to be smarter with more HP and better equipments in the higher ranks. There are many times that they just stand there without any cover, so they die really soon.

Sometimes it is hard to know where my teammates are, especially when they behind a wall.

Also, could the game add voice function to control them? like “Follow me!”, “Hold your position!”, something like that.

3. Enemy in the late game is like worms, they just keep regenerate again again and again in short time, especially in the late game “shootout” levels and some “drill” levels, they are nearly impossible to beat.

You ask me where are my teammates? oh they just all died in the beginning 10 seconds lol.

Even my weapon is strong enough to take down an enemy in 2~3 seconds, it is still brutal to take down 5~6 enemies in the same time.

4. Godlike Grenades, there are many times I saw them penetrate walls, they are not grenades, more like MAGIC lightning balls lol, even my character is actually stand behind a cover, he will still been damaged.

And don’t forget that enemy will not affect by grenades, so you will saw a normal enemy stand in the toxic gas like nothing happened, what a SUPER soldier.

5. Enemy walk through my character (more like penetrate through lol), that is really weird, shouldn’t they take covers? they just like no one is behind a cover and suddenly realize “oh! you are here! BANG!”.

6. Sometimes my character just can’t take covers, he just stand by the cover and take enemy’s bullets.

7. After open the game, the game will be freezed for 5 seconds.

Other suggestions:

1. List more details in the level information, like how many teammates, how many safe boxes, how much time should character survive to escape, something like that. A map show the information is good as well.

2. Highlights teammates’ outline in green color like enemy stand behind the wall/cover, hp information is nice as well.

3. Sometimes I saw the whole ad, but the game still think I skipped the ad, which is a little bit annoying.

4. How about give character a bonus slot to take health pack/ammo pack?

5. It will be good if we can know how all attributions work.



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