Slime Labs Is a Physics Platformer from Neutronized, Out Now on Android

Slime Labs, from acclaimed casual game developer Neutronized, is a colorful physics platformer in which you play as some slime, and it’s out now on Android.

Presented in the studio’s trademark pixel-art style, Slime Labs sees you steering a wobbly blob of slime through a series of perilous environments containing lasers, spikes, and pools of a liquid that interact negatively with slime.

There’s also a Katamari thing going on, as you can absorb smaller bits of slime to engorge your primary blob. Your overall goal, meanwhile, is to collect data disks that are hidden throughout the levels.

The blurb promises “multiple endings”, “groovy music tracks”, “slime-tastic pixel art”, and other positive things. But it would – it’s a blurb.

A more reliable indicator of Slime Labs’s potential is the fact that it’s a Neutronized game, and those are normally reliable. Also, it started life as a Flash game, and was clearly worth the trouble of porting to mobile.

You can download Slime Labs for free right now on the Google Play Store.


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