Perfect Time Strategy Guide – The 5 Best Hints, Tips and Cheats

Perfect Time is a really interesting casual game about dropping balls, poles and other objects through moving contraptions. You need to tap the screen at just the right time in order to succeed, which is an awful lot more challenging than it might appear at first.

There are ways you can ease that difficulty though, which is what this guide is for. We’ve found the best hints, tips, tricks and cheats to make sure your timing every tap with perfection. These suggestions should make even the toughest levels a breeze.

Even if you’ve been playing the game for a while, this strategy guide is likely to uncover some corners of the game that you haven’t considered. So here, without further ado, are the five best hints, tips and cheats for Perfect Time.

Watch how the obstacle moves

Every time you start a new level, take a moment to watch how the obstacle is moving. Get used to where it stops, where it starts and how it repeats. It’s important to figure out how you’re going to thread the ball or the pole or whatever you’re dropping through the other objects in the level.

Take as many tries as you’d like

There’s no limit on how many times you can take on a level, so you should think of every failure as another step along the road to success. That said, it’s important to learn from your mistakes. Did the object you dropped hit too late or too early? Don’t just do the same thing over and over again and hope that you’ll nail it, because that’s never going to work.

Should I use the hints?

The hints show you when you should be tapping to drop your object. They do this by showing a bar – when the bar is in the green you should be tapping. They’re not always perfect and they do sort of take the fun out of the experience, but if you’re having real difficulty with a level then by all means give them a poke and see what happens.

Use the background to nail your timing

Because all of the obstacles move in predictable ways, you can use the background to nail your timing. Drop when they pass a certain point and if it doesn’t work, use a different point in the background for your next drop. It’s easier than counting or trying to feel your way through the experience.

Skip as a last resort

While you can skip levels by watching a video, it’s better to save this as a last resort. More often than not you’ll be able to complete a level after a few tries. You should really only use the skip option when you’ve been absolutely flummoxed. Exhaust all the other options in this guide before you even think about skipping.


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