On The Run Beginner’s Strategy Guide – The 5 Best Hints, Tips and Cheats

Crash Bandicoot: On The Run is a pretty darn good auto-runner (you can check out our review by clicking here). It’s all about pegging it down paths, smashing crates and killing bosses. But that doesn’t mean it’s not complex – in fact, there are some parts of the game that might leave you stumped. 

And that’s why we’ve written this guide. It’s packed full with all the hints, tips and tricks that new players are going to need to get the most out of Crash Bandicoot: On The Run. We’ve put a good chunk of time into the game, so we know what we’re talking about.

Whether you’ve been playing with Crash since the 90’s, or On The Run is your first foray into the world of the fast marsupial, you’re going to find something to help you out here. Here are the five best beginners hints, tips and cheats for Crash Bandicoot: On The Run. 

Use your time wisely

You should always try and make sure you’ve got potions and bombs being made. If you’re about to go for a run, pop to your machines and set something brewing. That way you’re going to have the items you need when you need them. It can be annoying when a session comes to an end because you don’t have the right item and need to wait a few minutes to create it, so you want to make sure that’s unlikely to happen.

Collect tiki heads

These basically represent your lives. If you get hit without one, it’s game over and you’re going to have to watch some videos or head back to the start of the level. Whenever you see a tiki head crate, even if you’ve already got one equipped, you should pick it up. Stacked heads give you a short amount of complete invulnerability, which can come in super handy.

Check your achievements

These give you some great rewards, so make sure you’re checking regularly what the game is asking you to do. You need to complete three to unlock the goodies, but it’s well worth it. Check back regularly to stay up to date with your progress, and if you’ve hit a lull in the story, try and polish off some achievements to keep things ticking over.

Nail your shots

You’ll get more rewards if you hit the bosses with a perfect shot. You can’t miss, but the closer you stop the moving bar to the center, the more goodies you’re going to get. These include trophies, which are a super important part of the next tip.

Join a team

Join a team as soon as you’ve got the chance. There’s loads more rewards for being part of a team, and you can spend your trophies to make those rewards even more impressive. It’s also nice to have a bit of a communal feeling to your play. Pick the team that’s right for you and you’ll soon have more in-game stuff than you know what to do with.

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