Have you ever gone through some tough times in life? ‘My Motivation – Music & Quotes’ app will give you great songs & advice so you’ll be motivated and be able to overcome these difficulties. Or just simply, when waking up every morning, you’ll get inspirational statements, for a new positive and happy day.

My Motivation – Music & Quote application is a collection of enormous inspirational music & sayings from worldwide celebrities, in both movies and real life. With a volume of nearly 10,000 quotes divided into many topics, themes – different authors, you can easily choose the right sentences for any of your situations.


– DIVERSE TOPICS: With more than 10,000 sentences, helping you to choose advice for almost every situation you need. Including many topics carefully selected by Forbes, Lifehack, Goodreads that many people like today…

– MOTIVATIONAL SONGS: Music will magically Lift up your mood. Each quote will come along with a different song for you.

– INTERESTING MOVIE QUOTES: Quotes taken from good movies like Forest Gump, Harry Potter, Lord of the Ring… will make you even more impressed.

– BEAUTIFUL PICTURES: All quotes go along with beautifully designed pictures, which fits the right mood, creates excitement for you to understand the quotes.

– FREE WIDGETS: Free widget, easy to display on home screen – You can customize widget theme as many as you like, which makes your iOS 14 home screen sparkle.

– MEANINGFUL REMINDERS: You have the ability to create multiple notifications. You can create notifications at specified hours and topics. For example, in the morning you need a motivational quote, in the afternoon you need a healthy quote, in the evening you need some family quotes…

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