Mix and Drink Strategy Guide – The 5 Best Hints, Tips and Cheats

Mix and Drink is a game about bartending. You need to keep the drinks flowing, keep your customers happy and occasionally mop up some vomit too. The mix of mini-games on offer here is pretty vast, so it’s important you know what you’re doing otherwise things can go south pretty fast.

That’s why we’ve written this guide. It’s packed full of the best hints, tips and cheats for Mix and Drink, and it’s going to ensure that when it comes to keeping thirsty people from getting parched, you’re at the top of the class.

Whether you’re a brand new mixologist or you’ve been tossing the shaker for a while, we reckon you’re going to find something that’s going to help your cocktail career. Here, then, are the 5 best hints, tips and cheats for Mix and Drink.

Pour with perfection

Everytime you’re pouring a drink you want to get as close to perfect as you can. That means timing your pours and stopping them when you’ve reached the required amount. It doesn’t matter too much if you’re a couple of cl over or under, but pay attention and get used to stopping the flow at the perfect time.

Follow the recipe

Make sure you’re creating exactly what the customer wants. That means mixing the right drinks in the correct amounts and dressing the glass just as it appears in their order. The closer you are to their dream drink, the more money you’re going to make and the happier your customer is going to be.

Don’t push poops

In the levels where you’re pushing shots into pints of beer, you’re going to want to avoid pushing the poops in. That sounds like common sense if you ask us – no one wants to drink poop. Be careful though, because the hand that’s pushing the shots is pretty big, and you might accidentally poke a poop into someone’s brew.

What’s the cash for?

You can spend the cash you earn on new shakers and ice scoops. You’ll find the shop to the right of the screen just before you start a level. If you can afford to buy something new there’ll be an exclamation mark there, so head in and see what your hard-earned bucks can buy you.

Hack the ice

In the ice-sculpting levels you need to hack away at the chunk of ice to reveal what’s underneath. You need to move the icepick around the screen to make sure you’re clearing all of the unwanted ice away. You can’t hack away parts of the sculpture, so move the pick freely to get what you need.

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