iPhone – [BETA] Lightblade Racer – arcade style top down drone combat shooter, releasing soon! | TouchArcade

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Do you have what it takes to take command of a fleet of Lightblade Drones? Translate your taps and swipes to pilot a fast and responsive fighter, and bring destruction to the waves of enemy chopper drones…


Race to save the trees! Nature is under attack by a rampant and out of control FANGLE Artificial Intelligence! It has gone crazy and thinks that it needs all the wood in the world, from the last trees on Earth.

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We need your human touch to stop it! You’ll drop in and collect parts from destroyed enemies, which will go towards building replacement Lightblade Drones for you to pilot towards victory!

Our drone combat operations are proud to be 100% renewable.

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* Unique intuitive flying and combat controls for a top-down action shooter
* You’ll battle across fully 3D islands with unique terrain challenges
* Free to play 3 islands, and one-time purchase unlocks the whole game
* Unlocks drone upgrades as you progress through harder and harder battles

All new islands, refined gameplay experience – it’s been more than a year since the last beta, and a lot has been improved and fine-tuned for the gameplay.

Looking for any feedback about the player strength, enemy strength, speed, controls etc. Thanks for testing and any feedback posts here!

Going to release this shortly as FREE for the first 3 levels, and a reasonable one-time in app purchase for the full set of levels.



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