Heroes Inc Strategy Guide – The top 5 Hints, Tips and Cheats

Heroes Inc is a casual action game that sees you taking on the role of a mighty hero and beating the bolts out of a bunch of robots. More than that, you need to build your hero, combining elements to make your super tough kick-punching legend. 

While the action is pretty straightforward, there are layers to the game that you’re going to have to understand if you want to get the most out of it. Which is why we’ve written this strategy guide – it’s made up of all the hints, tips and tricks that you’re going to need to succeed.

New players are going to find the information here super helpful, and more seasoned brawlers will likely discover something that’ll aid them as well. So here are the top five hints, tips and cheats for Heroes Inc.

Stop to attack

With a lot of the heroes you have to stop moving to fire off an attack. You’ll still do damage to the bad guys if you’re running into them, but you’ll risk wasting all of your HP. Instead, sprint around, stop, release a volley of attacks and then get moving again. Finding the right balance between movement and violence is the key to success.

Smash all the crates

Every crate in a level is full of gold, and the more gold you’ve got the more you can spend. When you’ve cleared a section of enemies, take a few seconds to go and smash all of the crates and get the goodies inside. It can sometimes be a bit of a laborious process, especially with ranged heroes, but the rewards are worth it.

Experiment with new combinations

Don’t just use one hero, try and find others as well. At the start of every level you can mash together two items to create your character. You can’t use certain combinations until you’ve unlocked them, but make sure you try them out whenever you can. They change the game up and keep things interesting.

Upgrade your heroes

You gain cards while you play, and these can be used to upgrade your heroes. They don’t make them tougher, but they do earn you extra gold while you’re not playing. The more gold you’ve got, as we’ve mentioned before, the more you can spend. So, when you’ve got the chance to upgrade any of your heroes you should definitely take it.

Save the city

You should play the events as often as you can. These involve trying to save a city from invasion, in true superhero fashion. There are great rewards – like new heroes and more cards – for completing these levels, so it’s well worth watching a video to try and take them down.

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