HAVE’s Robbie the Robot – All the Hints, Tips and Cheats you Need

Robbie has a problem. You see, Robbie used to be the best robot pianist (and yes, that’s a thing) around, until a stray bolt of lightning struck and zapped his visual processing unit. He can still play, but the condition of his sensors has left his vision very unreliable.

Fortunately for the title character of Robbie the Robot, you can help him. The only tricky part is that unlike a typical piano game, you’ll be dealing with the same challenges: first you’ll be able to see the piano tiles, then they’ll get blurry, then darker and darker until you won’t be able to see them at all.

If that sounds difficult, don’t despair. Robbie the Robot is a fun, casual game that anyone can master, especially if you take heed to our tips, hints and tricks.

Play With Your Sound Up

You know the screen that pops up when you load many mobile games that suggests you turn the sound up and play with headphones on? Yeah, this game really means it.

Since you won’t be able to see the tiles after a certain portion of the song, your ears will be your best tools to determine if you’re hitting the right notes. Definitely turn the sound on your phone or tablet up, and if you’re playing somewhere it might bother someone, put your earbuds in.

Pay Attention to the Progress Bar

Robbie the Robot isn’t making you play piano in the dark just for sport. HAVE wants to raise awareness of the visually impaired, and having your sight taken away in a casual game is an effective way of doing that.

Yet even when the piano tiles fade away, there’s one visual aid still at your disposal: the yellow progress bar at the top of the screen. That will let you know how much of the song is still left to play, giving you a sense of timing to carry you through to the end.

Feel Good About Watching Ads

When you end up failing a stage — and in a game like this, it’s going to happen eventually — you have the option of watching an ad to keep going. Even if you dislike ads, you’ll want to consider it here.

Why? Well, the people at HAVE are donating 50% of their ad revenue to Sightsavers, a charity that works to treat and prevent blindness in developing countries, where resources for doing so can be limited. For such a good cause, watching a short video feels well worth it.

More Stars, More Robbie

The references to Stevie Wonder are intentional. The iconic musician is an obvious inspiration, because what’s not apparent at first is that if you push yourself to earn more stars in each stage, you’ll unlock the names of some of his greatest hits.

If you’re a fan (and who isn’t?), you’ll want to replay stages until you get three stars just to see if one of your favorites pops up. Maybe the game should have been called Stevie Wonders Where The Keys Are

Think of This as a Memory Game, Not a Piano Game

There’s no question that for a casual game, Robbie the Robot can be a little frustrating at first. If you’ve played a mobile piano tile game before, you’re so accustomed to looking ahead to see your next move that it can be quite jarring to have that ability taken away.

Perhaps the best way to deal with that is not to think of this as a piano game at all. Instead, consider this a memory game like some of the all-time classics, which use both visual and auditory clues to imprint patterns in your mind.

That mind set can be a big help here. Recalling the sound of the notes and their proper order and length is the key to victory. And like Robbie, you’ll soon find your own visual sensors (that’d be your eyes) aren’t even necessary to win.

Download HAVE’s Robbie the Robot via the App Store or Google Play. Also click this link to learn how to win $300 worth of premium headphones and earbuds from the good people at HAVE (closing date is the 21st of March).


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