Handyman Top 5 Hints, Tips and Cheats – The Best Strategy Guide

Handyman 3D is a game filled with odd jobs. Sometimes you’re cleaning paint rollers, other times you’re whomping down nails with a giant hammer. You’ll be destroying, creating and a whole load more. It’s fun, but it’s not always the easiest game in the world.

Which is why we’ve written this guide. It’s packed full of helpful hints, tips and cheats that are going to make your Handyman 3D career even easier. Follow the tricks here and you’ll be passing every level with flying colors.

Don’t worry if you’ve already played the game, there’s going to be something here that’s going to help you out, we guarantee it. Let’s drop the preamble and jump right in to the top five hints, tips and cheats for Handyman 3D.

Look for the green

On a lot of levels you’re going to want to keep an eye for something turning green. When it does you’re in the right place and you should drop, pick-up or perform some other action to move the level forwards. Green means go, so it shows you you’re in the right place and you should make your move.

Don’t hurt bystanders

On some levels there are people milling around while you work. If you barge into them then the level will end with failure and you’ll have to do the whole thing all over again. With that in mind, you should always be careful when there are people about. It’s awful when all of your hard work gets ruined because you accidentally vacuumed a pedestrian.

Collect before you build

On the levels where you need to build things, make sure you collect all the materials before you start the building. It makes things a lot easier and means you’re not going to have to be backtracking to pick up more bricks or tiles. There’s no limit on how much you can carry, so grab everything and get going.

Take the special missions

Special missions don’t just give you extra money, they also unlock the challenge so it’ll pop up in regular rotation. Finish a special mission and you’ve now got another task to complete in the future. It keeps the game fresh and you’ll often find the special mission challenges are some of the most fun.

Pick up the new licenses

When you’ve got a chance to get a new license, you should definitely take it. This opens up new modes and tougher levels and, again, keeps things interesting. It’s definitely worth watching the videos to get them for free as well – new licenses don’t come cheap and if you can absorb that with a video you’re going to feel better.

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