Going Balls Strategy Guide – Top 5 Hints, Tips and Cheats

Going Balls is a game about guiding a ball down a narrow maze. There are obstacles to avoid, pitfalls to bypass and swinging hammers to not get smashed by. You’re controlling the ball with swipes, rolling it in the direction you want it to go.

It’s a tricky game from the ground up, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed by it, don’t worry – we’ve got your back. We’ve written this here guide, you see, that’s packed to the gills with the sort of hints, tips and tricks you’re going to need to get as far as you possibly can in Going Balls.

There’s going to be something here that’ll aid you whether you’re new to the game or you’ve been spinning for a while, that much we can guarantee. So here are the five best hints, tips and cheats to help you out with Going Balls.

Swipe smart

Swiping like a crazy person isn’t going to get you anywhere in Going Balls. You need to think about where you’re heading, the obstacles that are in your way and how you can get past them. It’s important to take some time to compose yourself before taking on the next challenge – swipe smart and you’re halfway there.

Don’t go too fast

Going too fast is the easiest way to lose control. Sometimes you’re going to have to get some speed up, but for the most part you want to be pootling about in as sedate a manner as possible. The balls are hard enough to control when they’re moving slowly, don’t make things more difficult for yourself by speeding everything up.

Always go epic

The epic challenge levels are some of the most exciting in the game. They offer a much sharper challenge than the rest of the game, and getting to the end of one of them feels like a massive achievement. You don’t have lives in them either – you can take as many goes as you want to get to the end.

What are coins and keys for?

The coins can be spent on new skins for your balls. You can buy them from the shop at the start of every level. The keys unlock chests. You’ll need to grab three of them and then you’ll get the chance to open some boxes. There’s usually a new skin waiting to be found, as well as plenty of extra gold.

What are the extra balls for?

These represent your lives, or the chances you have to retry a level before you fail it completely. When you pick up a ball on a level, you also unlock a checkpoint, where you’ll respawn – minus one ball – if you die. Always pick up balls when you see them, they make the experience much easier.

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