Garbage Truck 3D How-to and Strategy Guide – The Best Hints, Tips and Tricks

Garbage Truck 3D is a game about picking up bins and chucking the contents into a truck. You control everything with levers, and while it might not sound like the most complex experience in the world, there’s a fiddliness here that means you’re going to have to be on top of your game if you want to succeed.

That’s where this here strategy guide comes in. We’ve put a few hours into Garbage Truck 3D and come up with what we think are the very best hints, tips and cheats to ensure you’re always getting the most money from every bin that you empty.

If you’re a crusty old binman or you’re new to the refuse collection game, there’s definitely going to be something here to help you take things to the next level. So here are our top five best hints, tips and cheats for Garbage Truck 3D.

Get a backboard

One of the first things you should focus on getting is a backboard for your truck. This allows rubbish to bounce down into the compactor rather than spilling on the ground behind you. Make a backboard your first priority and you’ll be surprised how much easier the game gets.

What do helpful birds do?

Helpful birds sit atop your truck and, when you drop some rubbish onto the floor, they swoop down and pick it up. The more birds you’ve got, the more rubbish they’ll collect. They’re super handy to have around, so unlock one as soon as you’ve got your backboard to start earning even more money.

Keep your forks up

Once you’ve put a bin back on the ground, it’s important to lift your forks back up. If you leave them down you’re going to destroy things as you move on – street furniture, fire hydrants and more – and any damage you cause is going to come out of your own cash reserves.

Unlock the new bins

Bins with different colored lids are going to earn you more money per chunk of garbage, so once you’ve got yourself a decent sized backboard and some helpful birds, it’s a good idea to spend your cash on unlocking them. The more you make per bin, the more cash you’re going to have to spend.

Go steady

Take care with everything you do – whether it’s positioning your truck, picking up a bin or giving it a final shake. It’s pretty easy to accidentally toss a bin into your truck, and that’s going to cost you. It’s also pretty easy to knock a bin over before you’ve had a chance to empty it. Go steady and take your time and you’ll do just fine.

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