Comics Bob Strategy Guide – The 5 Best Hints, Tips and Cheats

Comics Bob is a narrative-driven puzzler that sees you picking from one of two choices in a series of tricky situations. It’s got a good dose of humor, some pretty impressive graphics and loads more going for it. But don’t let the charm fool you, Comics Bob can be a difficult game to get to grips with.

And that’s why we’ve written this guide. It’s packed full of the best hints, tips and tricks that we’ve discovered during our time playing the game. Follow these and you’ll soon find that Comics Bob is a much more palatable and easier experience.

Even if you’ve already played Comics Bob, we reckon there’s going to be something here that’ll help out – and the tips are going to be indispensable for new players too. So here are the top five hints, tips and cheats for Comics Bob.

Remember what went wrong

You’re going to make mistakes in Comics Bob, such is the way of things. But it’s important to remember where you went wrong, because sometimes you’re going to have to solve a few puzzles again before you get back to the place you failed. Remember the choice you made and you’ll be perfectly placed to solve the puzzle the next time round.

Save when you can

When you make a mistake, the game gives you the chance to watch a video to try the choice again. It’s always worth doing this on the last part of a level, since you’re going to have to go back and play through everything if you don’t. If you make a mistake earlier in the level, then the choice is yours – although we’d recommend against doing it in the first challenge, since it’ll take as long to watch a video as start the level over.

Make the obvious choice

When you can’t figure out what to do, it’s worth making the choice that looks the most obvious. Half of the time this is going to work. Bear in mind that you’ve essentially got a 50/50 chance on every challenge, so at least if you get something wrong you’re definitely going to know what to choose next time.

Think about the story

Sometimes you can get a clue about the choice you need to make from what’s happened in the story. Think about the things that have recently occurred and how they might fit into your decision. Comics Bob is, essentially, a game about remembering things. The more you can remember, the better you’re going to do.

Sometimes, you just have to guess

In the end, sometimes you’re just going to have to pick one of the choices at random. It can be pretty frustrating, but at least the failure animations are pretty funny. When you’ve exhausted your thought process, it’s best just to poke one of the choices and hope for the best. You never know, you might get it right.

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