Black Comedy Action Game Blind Drive Is ‘Virtual Reality for Your Ears’, Out Now on Android

Blind Drive, which has been described by the website Mashable as “virtual reality for your ears”, is out now on Android.

Developed by Lo-Fi People, Blind Drive is a novel action game in which you play as Donnie, a hapless scientific study subject who finds himself cuffed to the wheel of a moving car and forced to steer it against traffic.

And he’s blindfolded. In fact, according to Lo-Fi People you can play the whole game with your eyes closed. What are eyelids, after all, if not Mother Nature’s blindfold?

Blind Drive boasts a full cast of voice actors, an hilarious comedy storyline featuring mobsters, grandparents, and dolphins, and 27 levels. There are even secret areas and boss fights.

This isn’t the first game to be presented aurally, with Papa Sangre charting this tricky territory all the way back in 2010. But it’s thanks to that game that we know that the approach can make for an absorbing, atmospheric, and downright thrilling experience.

You can download Blind Drive for $3.99 right now on the Google Play Store.


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