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Bee Network is newly launched cryptocurrency project. It was released on 3rd December 2020. Within two months, it has reached 7 million users.

I would like to say, it is not a scam. It is genuine one. If you increase your network it will increment your mining speed. Network effect is the incremental benefit gained by an existing user for each new user that joins the network.

The classic example is the phone that is only useful if other people also own a phone. If only one person owns a phone, the value of the phone network is zero, because they cannot do anything with the network. If a second person owns a phone, then the first person can call the second person, and if that’s beneficial to them both, then the network has some value. If everyone owns a phone, then the phone network is very valuable to all users.

In short, when a network effect is present increased numbers of people improve the value of a good. So, by inviting your friends, you not only get a mining boost and earnings, you also increase the value of the Bee cryptocurrency that you own. Don’t wait join now and earn this coin easily using Bee Network mining app:

1- Go to Google Play or App Store and search: Bee network
Direct App store link : Bee Network
Direct GP link : Bee Network
2- Install the app and sign up, preferably use your phone number to sign up and to verify your account.
3- Invite code for bee network: 45giga
(An invitation is required to get access and start mining, otherwise; I wouldn’t mention it here)

Currently, its value not yet determined. On listing, you will get a handy gain. Don’t miss this opportunity like you miss the BTC and ETH in initial days.


If we learned anything from bitcoin, that would be taking risk, perhaps the Bee Network will have a long road before having any great value, but one should take advantage and not miss on the opportunity, because you never what kind of value it might have in the near future.

★ I’m open to know about your thoughts regarding the Bee Coin cryptocurrency

Happy mining

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