Strategy Guide – The Six Best Hints, Tips and Cheats is a game about building up an army of archers and taking down anyone who gets in your way. As you might imagine from the .io suffix it’s not the most complex game in the world, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have challenges you’re going to have to overcome if you want to win every game.

So we’ve written this guide to help you out. It’s packed full of the biggest and best hints, tips and tricks for that we’ve discovered during our time playing the game. And we reckon it’s going to help you get the most out of the game.

New players will get a decent head start, and more seasoned campaigners are likely to find something to help them out as well. Basically, our top six hints, tips and cheats for has something for everyone.

Collect the dead

When you’ve killed another team of archers you’ll see some bows scattered around on the floor. If you pick these up you’ll add them to your team and get even stronger. Remember that you’ll lose archers in any fight, so it’s important to collect the dead to get even tougher.

Keep on the move

Don’t just stand still. You won’t collect any archers and you’ll make yourself an easy target for any other attackers. Keep on the move and try and stay away from the larger players that are marked on the screen. If you see one getting close, get as far away as you can until you’re in a position to take them down.

Grow before you attack

You don’t want to be getting into fights until you’ve grown. Collect some white archers to make your team stronger and then go looking for weak opponents that you can take down. Add their numbers to your own to keep growing and soon you’ll be strong enough to take on all-comers.

Look for boosts

When there are boosts available they’ll be marked on your screen. Try and pick these up whenever you can because they can make you incredibly tough. Bear in mind that other opponents are going to be trying to get them as well, so if you see a more powerful force headed in their direction you should back off and toughen up instead.

What are the coins for?

The coins can be spent on new uniforms for your archers. They don’t change anything about the game, they just make you look a bit cooler. You can buy them before you start a game by tapping on the t-shirt icon in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Watch out for enemies with shields

Enemies with shields can destroy your entire army no matter how large it is. If you see a smaller force with shields than back away until the shield wears off. The power-ups only last a handful of seconds, so attack once the shields have worn off and you’ll be able to take them down quickly. 

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