Android Gaming Headlines: Dead Cells Bad Seed DLC, Just Cause: Mobile, Space Invaders AR, and More

We love Square Enix Montreal. Of all the big, established developers, the Canadian outpost of Square Enix seems to understand the limitations and opportunities of mobile gaming, and it’s not afraid to experiment with its biggest franchises.

That’s why we’re giving Space Invaders AR the benefit of the doubt. Just Cause Mobile, meanwhile, looks like a riot, and Hitman Sniper Assassins is sure to be another serving of slick, shooty fun.

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This one could go either way. Space Invaders AR is one of a handful of announcements Square Enix made last week. It’s a joint project with Taito, and both sides were keen to tout the ambition and vision behind the project. We have no idea what it’s going to look like, but we can’t wait to find out.

After a lengthy wait, mobile players will finally get their hands on the seminal Bad Seed DLC for Dead Cells at the end of this month. The new content adds and alternative route from the outset, new monsters, new locals, new weapons, and a whole new boss called Mama Tick.

Another announcement from Square Enix, this time in the form of a cinematic trailer for Just Cause: Mobile. Showcasing the preposterous hijinks for which the series is known, the trailer features warriors surfing through the sky on missiles, multiple devastating explosions, and a number of extrajudicial killings. But no gameplay footage.

The third and final dispatch from Square Enix Land is the announcement that its Montreal Studio – who brought you the excellent GO series of puzzlers, among other games – is working on a follow-up to the surprisingly satisfying gallery shooter Hitman Sniper. Once again you’ll be using bullets to kill people in imaginative and amusing ways, but more so.

PUBG Mobile has just entered Royale Pass Season 18. That means you can select two sets of ranked rewards and obtain them by completing challenges. Better still, there’s a new adventure that starts with a violinist appearing alongside four ladies. Sure, why not. Later this month the game is getting an anniversary event, featuring some hot DJs.

The latest additions to Human: Fall Flat were already out on PC, and came to us via a Curve Digital and No Brake Games’s Worldwide Workshop. They are Golf, which sees you using ragdoll humans as golf balls, and City, which sees you inhabiting an futuristic urban space and doing a spot of archery, crossbow, and basketball.

We decided it would be fun to do a round-up of all the games that we think work better on mobile than any other platform. Some of our choices may antagonize or enrage you, and some of our omissions may have the same effect. Either way, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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